TRIO TERRA is a group of multi-instrumentalist musicians whose passion it is to share their love for Brazilian culture through music. Their sound is a unique blend of rhythms from the many diverse regions of Brazil spanning the dance clubs of Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon Rainforest. They currently perform around the San Francisco Bay Area. For updates and shows, follow Trio Terra’s Facebook page at

Celia Malheiros has been a professional musician and music teacher since she was a teenager in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her prolific work in music has taken her all over the world; you can read more about her story here.

Mestre Bei├žola is the founder of Brazivedas, a cultural organization devoted to promoting Brazilian culture through dance and music. Through his role as a performer and teacher of capoeira and dance, he has traveled around the globe; you can read about him and his organization here.

Megha Makam has completed her doctorate in Biology at Stanford University, and is devoted to the study of music, language, and cultures from around the world. Her mission is to bring more music and dance into people’s everyday lives; you can read more about her projects here.

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