Brazilian Music & Percussion

Instruments and rhythms from all over Brazil!

Regardless of who you are or what type of music you enjoy, chances are you have listened to music that has been inspired by Brazilian rhythms. That is because Brazilian sounds have influenced music all around the world. With a little understanding of some traditional rhythms like Samba, Bossa Nova, Maracatu or a variety of Afro-Brazilian, your knowledge, skill, and appreciation for all kinds of music will grow. Our classes are currently focused on percussion and the cavaquinho in string instruments. However, guitar and drum-set instructors are also available for private classes upon request.

Learn how to play some of the most popular percussion music instruments of Brazil. The class will be divided in many parts depending on the specific rhythm to be study at the time, which can be: Basic Percussion, Samba Batucada, Samba Regue, Pagode, Bossa Nova, Baião etc. Sometimes we will have a final segment with singing and percussion accompaniment by the cavaquinho, a four‐stringed instrument from the ukulele family main used to play samba and pagode, but also used in a variety of music styles in Brazil. All experience levels are welcome!

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We offer private classes to learn cavaquinho, the Brazilian ukulele used to play samba.



Instruments we will cover in the group percussion class include the pandeiro, surdo, tantan, tamborim, repinique, caixa, repique de mão, berimbau, agogo, and more.

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