Adult & Teen Capoeira at Stanford

In by Megha

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This event is running from 5 January 2016 until 22 March 2018. It is next occurring on January 2, 2018 7:30 pm

  • Venue: AOERC (Stanford)
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TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS| In the Adult Capoeira class, students will learn how to perform the basic movements required under the Capoeira Narahari system, steps necessary to acquiring respective belts. Students become skilled at recognizing and playing a variety of rhythms on traditional percussive instruments that accompany the Capoeira game, or ‘jogo’. The class will give students a basic knowledge of the history of Capoeira, its origins within African slave communities in Brazil, and of the Capoeira Narahari System developed by Mestre Bei├žola. In AOERC Studio 203, upstairs near the basketball courts.

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