We have a variety of class options to learn capoeira at any age!

For classes through the City of Palo Alto, please register through the Enjoy Palo Alto Catalog

Kids Capoeira

Kids classes are offered for two age groups and two locations. Students will learn the basics of this exciting combination of martial arts, dance and gymnastics. Kids will learn to sing Capoeira songs while playing musical instruments and clapping their hands. It’s a lot of fun and good for children of all athletic levels and abilities!
I love practicing capoeira with my friends.Julian, Age 10



family capoeira

In this class, kids as young 3 years old can enjoy learning and training with their parents in a safe and supportive environment. The emphasis of this class is to encourage a connection between family members; by learning together, parents and their kids can practice what they learn in class at home.
I love practicing capoeira with my kids in class and at home.Jackie, mother


In the adult Capoeira class, students will learn to perform the basics movements required under the Capoeira Narahari system to acquire their respective belts. They will also learn to recognize a variety of rhythms played on the variety of percussion instruments that accompany the Capoeira game, or “jôgo” in portuguese. Those instruments include the berimbau (a bowed, percussion instrument that directs the speed of the Capoeira “game”; the pandeiro, similar to a tambourine, the cow bell, or Agogo, and the conga-like drum, the atabaque. The Capoeira class also will include a basic knowledge of the history of Capoeira itself, its origins within African slave communities in Brazil, and the Capoeira Narahari System developed by Mestre Beiçola.